Our 5th Project


Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.— Robert Louis Stevenson


For our 5th project, we are launching our humble ‘The Yunho Education Fund 2017’. This fund will primarily be for the children housed in CFFM  (beneficiary of our 4th project)  http://sekepingyunhosisters.com/our-4th-project/  and link : https://cffm-my.jimdo.com/ ‘Caring For The Future’)

After the successful setting up of the YUNHO library within the centre for the children & also for the community around the area, Sekeping Yunho Sisters (SYS), is continuing  our  main goal of ‘walking alongside Yunho’s philanthropic journey’, in small steps, mirroring his example of  lending  a helping hand to marginalized children.

We have donated USD2000 to kick start this fund to be used primarily for the needs related to education for  the children, in 2017. The funds will  go towards  the children’s tuition fees and expenses ie. reference books, stationery  etc.

Also, in celebration of Yunho’s birthday, we had a little party before the 6th of Feb.

We want to wish our dearest  Uknow Yunho on his 31st birthday, a year of health, happiness and a blessed 2017!

The kids sang the Birthday Song for Yunho!


Update on our Yoonho Library!


And the lovely children posing with the banner in front of the Yoonho Library!

Status: ongoing