Commemorative Nissan 2018 Yunho Multi Purpose Magnet Gift!

“Every day you have a new chapter to write about your journey of life. As you write that chapter, do it so well such that when others read it; you would still be proud of yourself.” Gugu Mona

Gifting “Yunho Nissan Commemorative Magnet”

To commemorate Yunho’s  historical performance in Nissan Stadium on the 8, 9 & 10th of June as 1 part of TVXQ, we are giving away 1000 pcs of ‘Yunho Multipurpose Magnets’ over  the 3 days of the concerts  to fans who love Yunho.

We are so proud of him and want to give his fans a small memento to celebrate & remember these special 3 days. We thank the fans who have tirelessly  provided support  to Yunho despite the constant heckling from some people who pretend to care for Yunho but always have double standards when their support is needed.  We thank the fans who constantly  keep a watchful eye on him  and to remind him that we are always here  for him.

Thanks to Yunho, Yunfans have a voice!

This magnet is multipurpose and can be used in various ways  😉

Please look out for us during the 8, 9 & 10th of June! We will be walking around the venue from 3 pm!