Yunho’s Discharge From Army: A Gift For a Job Well Done!

On the 20th of April, we welcomed Yunho back to us as Uknow Yunho! The feeling of immense pride that Yunho has succeeded to not only complete his National Service of 21 months BUT also to excel in his capacity to become a model soldier. He has earned so many accolades while in the army, and kept all his promises to return to us as a ‘monster’ has been fulfilled.

We have on that same day, sent Yunho 2 pcs of Emporio Armani T-Shirts to celebrate his honorable discharge. Just a small gift to thank him for fulfilling his promises to us!


Here are 2 vids I shot of our banner and also standee at the venue of Yunho addressing us after his discharge from the army!


Here are the 2 T shirts from Emporio Armani which were sent to him!


I also wrote a letter to Yunho  letting him know how proud we are of him,  which was included in the package 😉  Once again, a hearty WELCOME BACK TO US UKNOW!!!