Mosaic Portraits For Yunho

About 3 yrs ago, I sent 2 handmade mosaic portraits of Yunho showing his iconic ‘thumbs up’ at the 2013 Beijing  Catch Me Concert (photo was taken by yunhosama). The portraits measure 150 x 100 cm

The portraits were sent to Yunho via the help of onlyoneuknow  at that time, under the blog onlyloveyunho. In that package, there was also a message book written by 6 dedicated fans and complied by me to present to Yunho as a  thank you present!

On the 21st July 2015,  a day after he had held a private farewell party at his Seoul apartment 20th evening, I had discovered in one of his photograph with a friend, one of the portraits that I sent!

This is indeed a surprise and elation because Yunho has always treasured whatever fans give and his hanging the portrait, its a great significance  to not only me, BUT all his fans.  THAT, Yunho truly values each and everyone of his fans and sort to show his appreciation whenever the opportunity arises.

The message I tweeted on the 21st evening!

The 2 portraits:

This colored one is the one seen as per the background photo above.

This one was  specially made from the same photo BUT in the black  & white/sepia effect.


And here is the message I sent in the “message book” together with 5 others. In          English and Korean!

Thank You Yunho for showing your appreciation for the portraits!

PS: I had made a 3rd one BUT  kept it for myself  in my office! This one is using the entire photo and it measures 100 x 240 cm!

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 4.16.39 PM